Wisdom Teeth are the last teeth to erupt, usually in our 20’s or after. Many a times, these teeth erupt straight and without any problems. Sometimes, however, they grown sideways, remain partially erupted or trapped between the gums and bone. They begin affecting other teeth around them when there isn’t enough space for them to erupt. This can cause discomfort, pain, inflammation and even infections if not treated. In more serious cases, they can even cause tumours or cysts and also destroy the jawbone and healthy teeth. In many of these cases, it is advisable to get the wisdom teeth extracted. With oral examinations and x-rays the dentist can determine whether these teeth can cause problems now or later in life for you. They can assist you with a treatment plan to alleviate any serious issues due to your wisdom teeth.

Come in for a consultation at Kipling Family Dentistry and get your wisdom teeth evaluated to avoid any pain and discomfort in the near future or long term.