Root Canal Therapy Rexdale, Canada

Root Canal or Endodontic treatment is required when the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. If pulp infection or contamination is left untreated, it could create aches or result in an abscess. The pulp can get infected when bacteria (germs) enter your tooth through deep cavities, cracks or flawed fillings. Indications of infections can be pain, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold, discolouration of the enamel or swelling and tenderness inside the nearby gums. These infections need to be treated as soon as possible as they can result in severe tooth damage, resulting in the tooth being lost. Once the root canal is done, the tooth needs to be protected either by a filling or by a crown or bridge. Our dentists can examine you8t tooth and advise you about the best course of treatment. Come in to Kipling Dentistry and get your treatment by our wonderful dentists.

Root Canal Etobicoke and Rexdale, Canada

Are you experiencing Tooth Pain or Sensitivity? Kipling Dentistry has been the preferred choice for Root Canal Treatment for many years, boasting a long list of successfully treated cases. Our Kipling Dentistry offers advanced Root Canal therapy to enhance your comfort. Kipling Dentistry Clinic has a team of trained dentists specializing in endodontic therapy. They specialize in opening, treating, disinfecting and cleaning the root canals and filling it with special dental materials. If you have questions about getting a root canal, or are concerned that you may have an infected tooth, contact our endodontist and dental specialists right away. We’re here to support your best oral health with comfortable root canal therapy in Etobicoke and Rexdale, Canada..

Call us today to book an appointment if you think you may need a root canal treatment in Etobicoke and Rexdale, Ontario. It is important you do not delay so that we have a better chance of saving the damaged or decayed tooth.