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Dentures are one of the best options for replacement of missing or damaged teeth. As we grow older, the teeth deteriorate for one reason or the other. When you have only a few healthy teeth or none at all, dentures are the way to go. Here’s some terminology to help you better understand all about dentures:

Implant Dentures:

These allow your dentures to be held in place and prevent any movement

Complete Dentures:

Worn by individuals when all the natural teeth are missing

Partial Dentures:

Utilized when some of the teeth are missing due to an accident, injury, tooth decay or malnutrition

Denture Relines:

Required every few years for the re-adjustment of dentures

Denture Repairs:

Required if any part of your dentures is broken or chipped

Cleaning and Polishing:

Required to maintain the fresh look of your dentures just like your natural teeth


Annual check-ups with the Dentist so that there is no misalignment, soreness or inflammation of gums due to your dentures

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